Laravel Framework

Posted by Masis on Wed Feb 15 2023

I was responsible for fixing the routes for the Auth FrontEndcontrol for forgotPassword as well as all admin login routes for both frontend and backend in my Laravel project.


//I had conflict with change-password for user and admin
    //Route::get('change-password', 'AdminController@changePassword')->name('change.password.form');
    //Route::post('change-password', 'AdminController@changPasswordStore')->name('change.password');//change name here has to be unique


Route::get('changePassword', 'AdminController@changePassword')->name('changePassword.form');
    Route::post('changePassword', 'AdminController@changPasswordStore')->name('changePassword');
I also fixed all issues with admin and user routes logins with the correct get and post requests.
site is live now: