wysiwyg editor options in javascript

Posted by masis on Tue Jun 21 2022

I was entertaining the idea during the weekend in which WYSIWYG editor options work well and at the same time lightweight in my React and NodeJS Projects.

On my Dev sandbox I implemented CKEditor.  I like the feature of the CKEditor to export documents to PDF but I was really hoping for a cheaper alternative and lightweight.  I started implementing TinyMCE Editor on my projects and it works well.  There is a good 4-5 editors out there (proably more!), but I comfortably like using tinyMCE on my projects and it has been good so far.  TinyMCE provides detailed documentation how to implement in many framework options:  https://www.tiny.cloud/docs/tinymce/6/expressjs-pm/

After getting a PayloadTooLargeError, I had to add the following in my code.

        limit: '50mb',
        parameterLimit: 100000,
        extended: true

  limit: '50mb'

I would recommend tinyMCE for a light weight editor option.